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I was going to turn over that engiine today, but when I did ..... click click ..... the electrical system zonked out again. goddamn it. I need to remove the seat and check if it's the rusted main ground post or what. I swear.

I found out just now that the Dwarves are again playing the Engine Room around Halloween, and I got 3 tickets immediately, in hopes that the same two friends that came last year to see them will be able to come again. If not, well maybe I'll sell them off. Bad news is that it's the same weekend as the Lone Star rally, so I won't be able to just walk around and take pictures like I wanted to. My dog might be off at the trainer's anyway, so shit on that too.

But the Dwarves, dig it. I think I'm the only one who can read this post that likes them, but they put on a good show.
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