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an errant thread (an Irish pennant if you will)

I put the shocks on the bike this afternoon. I had to drop the cycle jack all the way down, but unlike the hydraulic press, this one drops FAST. Almost got my hand there. And the slam of the rear tire against the fender was unpleasant to listen to. I've bottomed that thing out riding before, but I'm pretty sure the shocks don't actually allow the wheel to touch the fender (that would REALLY suck going 60). I forgot the correct torque for the spindles so I didn't tighten them down. Also I want to loctite it. And I want to go back and loctite every nut and bolt I can since I can.

I had some woman honk her horn at me when I was pulling into the parking lot today; she thought I was going to hit her. I tried to tell her that I know how to drive a pickup truck and you have to turn a truck differently than her geo wagon, but she wasn't believing me. She said something about it hurting my 'ego' or something like that. She didn't really want to make eye contact with me, just apparently wanted to give me her opinion. I behaved very strangely, I stayed very emotionless and even called her 'maam', and sort of politely reiterated that I knew what I was doing. I was thinking later how strange it was that I didn't start cursing at her and giving her the impression I was going to push her Geo wagon into the street. But I dunno I guess it was a weird day, I wasn't even angry afterwards, Maybe it's because she had the face of a pig and that made me kind of grin, or I had just eaten lunch maybe. Maybe I'm realizing my buddha nature and am transcending the arguments that two people have when they don't realize that they are all part of one large pointillist paintiing spanning the hallway of time, with evenly-spaced acrylic shields tacked up to protect it from water-fountains. Okay maybe it's the quaaludes.

I found a website that has a big list of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves and pictures of them step by step. Fancy. I'd like to memorize a couple of them. I need to incorporate some of that groundwork into my.. repertoire, I guess you call it. I was reading that a (the?) idea behind groundwork-heavy martial arts styles is that it largely negates the disadvantage you face in fighting a larger, stronger opponent (longer reach, harder strikes) and that if one opponent wants the fight to go to the ground, there's very little the other opponent can do to prevent it. That right there is awesome.

Did you know that there is a native form of martial arts to Ireland? Brilliant!
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