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pump that handle and watch it squeeze

I put that new hydraulic press together this evening and used it to assemble my shocks. And I put on the front turn signal relocators. Now I just need to put the shocks on, get the mufflers in (they were sent to a powdercoater in New Orleans, so they're running behind apparently) and cross my fingers. I might as well change the plugs for good measure... actually, it's been sitting for over a month, maybe two now, so I'll probably ground the plugs and just turn the motor over a few times with the starter to lube that bitch up some. I checked my front master cylinder, and magically, my brake fluid returned... what the fuck is that about. I may change it anyway, I don't like the color of it. I bought some brake caliper grease to install the mufflers, as those things were NOT easy to remove. I wonder what the bike would sound like if I started it up without the mufflers on.. it would probably end up sucking all the power out of the engine and piss of the tea-party rich woman who lives next door.

I've got a new experiment I'm going to try in the next few days when I get the time involving some line antifreeze, drano, and a shitload of LouAna. I hope it works. I'll post jpegs when I'm done.
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