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I am in Baton Rouge, with not a drop of rain on my brow. But a lot of sweat is there.

I got up early and piled some of my junk from the porch and yard into the doorway, ziplocked my hard drives and such, fed the fish, and left my apartment at around 10 am. All the fast food places were closed, so I just went to the ferry. It was a really beautiful morning, I was looking over the seawall South into the gulf and it was placid and clear, like it only gets in summertime before about noon. I waited only 10-20 minutes, but by the time I got on the boat, the line was stretching past eyesight. I got onto highway 87 and then 124, and then I-10. There were some traffic jams due to road construction, but not so bad. I was listening to Houston radio all the way into Lake Charles, and basically I was hearing that every major road in Houston (which is quite a few, dozens) was either blocked off or was bumper-to-bumper all the way through town, towards the designated evacuation cities several hours north of the SE texas area. Mandatory evac didn't begin until 6 today, but it was apeshit by 11 AM. Luckily, that was well after I had arrived in Baton Rouge. I had one of the easiest drives in besides the road work jams, and even stopped in Frog City to get something to drink. I broke in my GPS along the way too.

However the storm became cat5 while I was on my way out, and I was thinking more and more about all the little things I didn't do to prepare and secure my shit, like I didn't move my motorcycle into the yard and how it's gonna be either stolen or float away. Realistically it's not going to float away, it weighs 700 pounds, and it can't be driven away, I pulled the rear shocks off. But it can flood up into the exhaust pipes and into the cylinders and carb. It's insured, but not the custom work. And I didn't bag the TV downstairs, or the paintings and prints in the living room and computer room. I did cover some of my loose comics in a plastic box, but my books were too many to cover up. I turned off the UPS but I should've hooked it to the aquarium aerator. Who the hell thinks of that beforehand though? I was way too preoccupied with getting off of the island before the traffic blew up (and wisely so as it turned out).

The more I think about what's lying in that uninsulated plaster and cypress apartment, the more uneasy I feel. I'm going to be checking the Galveston public webcams (and you can too, at , as long as they're still running). I wish that I had hooked up my webcams and pointed them out the windows, but then again, the landlord was supposed to come and board them up today. I hope he did, although not all could be boarded up. I value my hard drives and photos more than anything else in the apartment, and they are the most watertight now.

Anyway better safe than sorry, and I'm safe AND sorry.

p.s. The voicemail on my cellphone is apparently sometimes accepting calls through and sometimes not, but my email always works and I check it at least once or twice a day.
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