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I went to work again today, from 1:30 to 3, as I did yesterday, as I had stymied myself with doing my experiment late friday (through a series of unfortunate events, as can be and rightly should be expected to beset me on a Friday). Afterwards, though, I located my druthers and drove up to Petsmart to let Freya walk around inside (even though she's in estrus, she's coming out of it I believe, as she bleeds so much less as to not require diapering inside now), and of course everyone loves to see Freya at Petsmart. All the little kids want to see the 'big huge doggie' or 'wolf it's a wolf' and so forth. I bought more junk for my aquarium including a fancy fluorescent light that should help to grow the plants I bought last time.

Afterwards I decided to go and look for a couple of geocaches, which I did, and found one in a park. I dunno what's up with the WAAS around these parts but I had to jump through more holly bushes than was necessary I think. I looked for others, and found one or two more, but they were those stupid cache-less caches or whatever you call them, where you're supposed to look at the area and go, 'hmm..... wow nature OMG' and somehow not be angered by the swarms of mosquitos. Well goddamnit I am going to find and remove every one of those stupid waypoints off of my GPS so I don't get suckered into exploring mosquito holes again. I wanted to place my new travelbug, "Tier", but the only real cache I found was too small. Le dernier fois, j'espere.

I found a comic book and card shop which could arguably be the closest one to Galveston, on NASA 1 next to a Subway (where a chick with a french/tunisian accent works), but it was closed. I need to get some comic book boxes, before my stash becomes splash. The only DND store on Galvatraz doesn't sell them (how can you have a gaming store without at least a pittance of comic supplies? Since when are these two subcultures/genres so discrete and distinct?

Regardless, I dig the new GPSr even with the spotty WAAS in this Oregon Trail-esque badland of imprecise wandering.

And it looks like my sister and her beau aren't coming up next weekend, so I have to find something to do for the time..
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