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I bought a new bookshelf earlier, along with some plastic shoeboxes to start organizing my pseudo-hobbies. All the aborted attempts at hobbies or just things that don't need much stuff to do, I'm going to put the junk into boxes and into a bookshelf to get it off the tables and floor. And All the extra books from my other two shelves that are about to collapse from the weight will be redistributed. I also bought some hanging folders and boxes for them to organize all the papers from grad school (and eventually, college and down the line from there) that I deemed worthy of filing away.

I also bought a dustpan and broom for the lab, along with a big bag of candy and some other things. Housekeeping does not mop or sweep our lab (or any lab, maybe), so it's filthy on the floors there. I think I'm going to bring my swiffer into work and at least clean up the tissue culture room, as we've been dealing with contamination way too much. I'm also going to get another baking soda box for the fridge to keep it from nastifying, and I got some hand soap as we can't seem to keep a supply of standard BAC-DOWN for god's sake. I hope triclosan Suave will cut the mustard...

I think I'm going to replace my Brother scanner/copier/fax/printer with an HP or other "real" brand, as this thing has just absurdly poor quality printing, and it's too slow to boot. I think I'll bring it to work and set it up at my desk, as it's the only way I could print something from my laptop since the IT people refuse to give me clearance for the network printer. If I do, I can finally stop using the shitty Dell at work completely and take that hulking CRT off of my desk. Oh yeah..

My lab seriously sucks in many basic cleanliness/organization ways, so I feel it necessary to bring in things from home or buy them for myself (laptop, router, labcoats, candy, salt&pepper, pipettes, protocols, spray bottles, etc.) and hoard small amounts of disposables in my desk drawers just to be able to do the shit I need to do from day to day. It's really fucked up.

I picked up the kickstarter for my bike today, but I think I might just send it off for powdercoating before I install it, I haven't decided. They're supposed to be sending the parts back (or at least some of them) in a couple of days or so. I want to get that shit back together so's I can get to work and back without walking a quarter of a mile four times a day..
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