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It's like slaughterhouse 5 but with a more 'woodsy' bouquet

I picked up Freya from the trainer, and got her home. She's in heat, so she's bleeding all over the apartment like an 14-year old emo suburban cutter chick trying to be dramatic. I got her in the car to go home, and when I got in it smelled like I had just skinned and gutted 3 or 4 squirrels in there. I mean, seriously. dog period clots stink. And her vulva looks like a Krispy Kreme chocolate jelly-filled donut it's so swollen, so it's getting to be a little bloody everywhere. I have to go to Petsmart this weekend and get her a doggy diaper and some maxi pads to keep Freya from making this place smell like a house of 1000 corpses. But it's good to have her back home.

I called my mother earlier and got through, and though they were without power for awhile everything's cool there. The fence was crushed from a tree getting knocked down, so I might have to go fix that. Otherwise my grandparents are just waiting to go home. My aunt and uncle had planned on going down there this coming weekend to go touristing in NOLA, but obviously that's not gonna be prudent without a couple of inner tubes to ride on.

My ice chest in the back of the truck bed stinks to high heaven, and it appears that someone has come by and vomited into it. It smells exactly like some ghetto trash came by, leaned over into my truck bed, and fucking VOMITED his or her filthy food-stamped bunnybread sandwich into my ice chest. I guess I need to toss that thing out.
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