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and by that I mean making a series of terrible movies and still getting rich

When I was fencing Sunday I was wearing a "modern" fencing (foil/epee/sabre thing with the mesh in front, you've seen them) as face protection, but it doesn't offer much protection otherwise. Somewhere in one of the bouts I got struck in the face with a wooden sword and it must have been too quick for me to notice at the time, but when I took my mask off afterwards I noticed that I was bleeding from my nose, so I just blotted it with a towel and put the mask back on. After I got home I noticed a weird mark on my nose, checkerboard, where the wire mesh of the mask had been smashed into my skin and left an imprint from the blow. I can feel the left middle of my nose is tender around where the carltilage meets the bone, and I wonder if anything got a little fractured there. The upper bony bridge is fine with no pain, but right below the anterior cartliagenous end is making me think I should get a better mask than a flimsy mesh one before I end up looking like Owen Wilson.
Tags: swordfighting, wounds
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