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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Last Resident Game.

My last D&D game before I leave for a while, supposedly. Scott had asked me last night what I wanted to fight as a big fight before I left, and I said a CR 15 dragon (btw, a CR 15 is basically allllmost impossible for our CR 12 party). I didn't realize how hard the fight would be until we fought it. Everyone died except an NPC we travel with, and one player char (who's player skipped today, and who we all rightly treat like a child). So it was either Scrap the campaign or keep it going and the DM'd make it 'okay' again. We chose to keep it going (I didn't care that much, since I won't be playing nearly as often). So, the DM made it so we were all true-resurrected because the char we don't really like was (get this) made the 'king of the giants' by the giants that the dragon was controlling, and they brought our bodies (and much treasure) back. My char leaves the adventuring group to be a personal bodyguard for the PriestKing (we're playing pre-cataclysm Dragonlance: this is merely story to reconcile my char not being around much) and now the remaining members of the council of our adventuring group (everyone except the guy we don't like) gotta deal with mr. King of the Giants (whos char was a COMPLETE asshole even before this grand kick in the pants). I kinda wish I could be around to see what happens. Oh well. I felt bad leaving, because this was one of the longest traditions and reminders about college. Even as old as we all are, it's still a college-buddy thing because Trey's not gonna graduate for a long time, and Levi's just starting in the fall. Shit, He and I might graduate at around the same time..

Well I'll call the car place tomorrow early to see if I can get my appointment ASAP to leave sooner. Damn, I hope I can get it working soon.

I haven't decided (and probly won't till I'm there for good) if I'm gonna be moping a lot for a long time, or if this will be a fun few months ahead.

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