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I drove out to Dickinson tonight to see Freya. She's lost some weight and is really attacking the bite sleeve like crazy. She's really progressed a hell of a lot in the time she's been gone. I cut the trainer a check to buy a harder bite sleeve and a whip to hit her with. People seeing her train have apparently been asking to buy her. I'm psyched to hear it and see her go for the gusto. He wants to keep her for a couple more weeks apparently to get more work done. He was telling me that she should be able to get her BH by November, and possibly even the SchH1 title by then. I would be ecstatic if she got her BH in such a short time. I didn't get nearly enough time to play with her though; I've been missing her, but she'll be back soon enough.

My truck battery died while I was there. It just so happens that I had A) a completely brand new spare truck battery in the truck, B) my socket set, C) my combination wrenches, and D) a floodlight. Otherwise I'd have been FUCKED. Unfortunately it looks like my new battery spilled in my truck because there's at least one patch of the truck floor that's eroded away..

I gotta get the truck examined. but I don't have a running bike yet, so I'll have to wait. The powdercoater called me yesterday and said that a few of the parts I wanted done special would be weird because of rubber/plastic parts that can't go into the huge oven they use.. But he said they'd be done in a week or so. Also, my kickstarter and other parts arrived at the HD dealer so I can go pick them up some time soon, at which point I'll have some of them sent to be coated along with the front end of the bike after I reinstall the newly-coated rear parts. This bike is gonna look blacker than a panther when I'm done.

I snagged a couple of Nikon lenses in BR, along with the bellows. I need some more adapters and such to actually use the setup though. I'm eager to play around with it. But, my dad had thousands and thousands of dollars of Nikon stuff, and I couldn't find any of it. I want to know what happened to it..
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