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finger marks look like grill marks

I took the battery out on my lunch break (stupid battery cables are so short I could only just _lean_ it out) and tested it, the battery's fine. I put it back in, and the juice is back a'flowing. Must be a wire got loose or something. Anyway after work I assembled my new motorcycle jack and tested it out on the bike, and took apart the fender bracket area. It got dark before I could finish and I was being eaten ALIVE by mosquitos (dozens and dozens of them, it felt like that movie Critters), so I put the parts in the truck and gave up. Tomorrow I'll take the rest of the back end apart and maybe Wednesday I can send the parts off. I'll be unable to ride for prolly a month though, damnit.

And then I went inside and ate a grilled cheese sandwich with sooty-ass hands. Mmmm, gritty provolone.


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Aug. 16th, 2005 03:07 am (UTC)
whatchas needs ta do (redneck accent) is drive that bad boy inside your place and work on it in there, steps dont count as an excuse. ;)

the guy not far from here was famous for building big block chevy's in his spare bedroom on the 2cd floor. lol

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