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Thank you Justice Stewart. Actually... nevermind.

I ran a shitload of errands today, after going in to work for a while. I bought some new risers for my bike and installed them, they're 3.5 inchers, straight up, I haven't seen what they're gonna do to my front brake line's workability yet though, so it might be a rough first stop. I bought a cheap motorcycle jack, but I think it may have no tie-down grommets. If not I'll weld some onto it so I can send some more parts for coating. I bought another Japanese horror flick, "Ichi the killer", and a couple of others which I forgot the titles to.

I've been introspective lately, wondering about the nature of happiness as opposed (or is it opposed) to pleasure and satisfaction. Every time I think that I'm happy (which to be pretty frank, is almost never) I could be merely pleased, either physically or emotionally or intellectually, and be simply contented (satiated as it were) and not really "happy". But then I, like most people, haven't fleshed out what the term of happiness is, exactly, including the boundaries between it and the more basic (and baser) concepts of 'good:laughing' and 'good:not hungry' or 'good:conversation using 4-syllable words'. And if I've fulfilled some of the parts, how many do I need to fulfill to say that the whole is acceptably achieved? Or do the sum of the parts make the whole in its total, or is there some weird 'other' quality that has to be there, that makes happiness a kind of gestalt emotion that exists like obscenity, where I 'know it when I see it', but otherwise am in the end unable to describe it? But, that's the problem: I think that I don't know it when I see it, and am trying to make an assumption about what's actual from what's apparent -- I see long ears and a habit for carrots, but isn't it possible I've found a donkey? There's a proud tradition of ignoring emotions in people who come from where I come from (I come from a Y-bearing sperm), but being truly ignorant of them? At least partially, I'm thinking it's likelier and likelier.
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