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One CD case..

Well, last night I went out. I went to this bar 'nightlife', which was exactly what I expected it to be.. a dance club. Luckily, it was closed -- my friends were playing league pool in the back. I said hi, and went to supposedly meet the non-leaguers in Port Royal.. They weren't there. I sat alone and drank for an hour and a half, until they got in. Then we had fun, we played cards for a long time, then went to the owner's house for beignets. Then to Levis and ate burritos, then I went home, late.

On the ride home, I heard this weird sucking sound, and looked behind me to find...
My back window was MISSING. I pulled over and checked it out. Yep, someone had ripped it completely out of my car. Apparently someone had broken into my truck last night, but the strange thing is, they only took my cheap CD case, the one with the CDs I don't listen to anymore. They left: my other 2 cd cases with most of my CDs, my 2 pistols, my GPS, my stereo, and everything packed in boxes in the back of my truck. I guess maybe they were interrupted. I'm going to drive to the 2 places I parked my truck to see if the window's still there.. Otherwise, it'll be around 375 dollars to replace.

I'd give my other 3 windows to have 5 minutes with the person who did that. Just 5 minutes...

In other news, the 4th of july party that I'd committed to, keeping me in BR until next week, has been cancelled, so I may be relocating sooner than I'd thought. We'll see.
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