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clean-shaven and clotted

I've got to go into work tomorrow to do somebody else's experiment. I'm nice like that. Especially nice since doing so will ensure my name on an author list sometime soon. My altruism comes with a coin slot.

I finally cut my hair tonight. I was getting shaggy shaggy. I had the sink filled with hair clippings, and as I was shaving my head I was using the waterpick to clean about a pound of beef jerky out of my teeth (I am a multi-tasker AND nasty). Anyway as I was doing it, apparently I had the thing set too hard and kind of ripped my gums open, and I started bleeding in my mouth a lot. I kept spitting blood into the sink over and over again, and the sink was basically looking like some kind of a Ministry video. I should've taken some pictures, it would've been artsy. But now I have no more mop-head, and my chin-pubes are trimmed down to an acceptable level too. I really like the feeling of cutting off hair. Clipping with clippers or snicking with scissors, and using a razor. My favorite is using my straight razor; partially because I always cut myself a little and partially because it feels better than a bic disposable on the old mug.

I've got a lot of errands planned for tomorrow, so if I'm lucky I'll end up getting half of them done. And then next week it's back to baton rouge for my mother's birthday. I think I'm going to break in my new pool cue in also.

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