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I wonder if you could take the insides of about 50 Oreo cookies, scrape them out with a knife, and mush them all into a jar, maybe add a little bit of cake frosting, stir it up to mix it, and use it as some kind of sandwich spread.  You could call it Smadge and sell it to suicidal diabetics.  I wonder what that would taste like. 

I also would like to know if I could get a phone book, hollow out the inside, and install the guts to a regular touch-tone phone with the buttons pressable on top.  Maybe a speakerphone job..  Would you buy that if it were in the store?  How about if it had one of those nifty "As seen on TV!" stickers on it.  If I built one, and then took it to a session of congress and threw it at the speaker of the house, I could probably TiVo CSPAN and then could in fact claim that it was seen on TV.

I should be writing this stuff down.  Somebody write this down for me.
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