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At my swordfighting class yesterday I had to warm up outside by myself because there were new students and the guy teaching had to talk to them. I brought my mp3 player and was getting a little Bad Religion to make me righteously indignant at the colonialistic heartless corporate juggernaut usurping and abusing the small-business-oriented equatorial countries and further supporting their Banana republic economic torpor. Or something like that. Then he wanted to put on a demonstration which involved him almost breaking my arm a couple of times and trying a little too hard to choke me into unconsciousness. But it was still easier on the bones than the average shotokan class I've grown accustomed to, as I don't actually go home with broken toes and get the wind knocked out of me weekly. I accidentally left my wallet outside in the thunderstorm, and luckily found it, sitting in a mudpuddle soaked through. I am apparently progressing decently in my M4d 5w0rd 5killz because he wants me to take some test at the regional "thing" they're doing next month to go to a higher level. Word.

I'm finding myself in a good mood today, which is actually understandable because I haven't finished my Western blot yet and found out that it's fucked up somehow and therefore calamitous for my whole week. I found myself singing "Friday I'm in Love" by the Cure in my head, and that is a litmus test for knowing whether I'm a total fruitcake really honestly happy person. I'm not sure what the hell I'll manage to get done this weekend, but I need to clean and wrench my bike up (or down, actually, so I can finally get the rest of the damn thing powdercoated, no matter how annoying it'll be to have to take the truck to work, or to re-install the fork and all of that). I think there will be large amounts of grill-tending going on as well, as I'm a growing boy and needs my marbled steak.


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