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carry the one

I grilled some asparagus today for my dinner.  I'm still perfecting the amounts of things to add to them, and when I do I'll post the recipe on here.  I'm becoming addicted to this particular stuff and my pee is identifiable from 100 yards out.  I bought some ingredients the other day (about 5 new spices and some plain yogurt, a whole chicken, etc) with which I'm going to attempt some indian cooking using a new cookbook I bought some time ago.  I'm eager to find out just how nauseated I can become by my own hand.

I found out yesterday that someone came by and swiped my motorcycle tie-down straps out of my truck.  I wish I had written my name on them with a marker so I could identify them on someone else's car, that would be nice.  Camper tops are eseentially 1000 bucks, so I guess I won't be getting one of those anytime soon. 

I was thinking recently, I guess I'm never going to get married.  I'm too old to get married now, I don't want to marry someone this late in my life, as many of the best years are already over.  I was reading someone's meme and I had remembered that I had kind of planned since I was 15 on dying before I turned 40.  But, things are different now and in light of me not getting married, I guess I'll end up living until 60 or 70.  Morbidly, part of me wishes that my family would kick the bucket so that I would have essentially no reason to plan for the future, I could go back to smoking cigarettes, go back to drinking, go back to the Decline.  But, I think I'll have plenty of time for that now that I've rebudgeted my lifespan.
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