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All hail the light-bringer

I was just walking my dog around the neighborhood earlier, like I should (but don't do enough), trying out her new choker chain.  I always carry my 4D maglight which I've wrapped reflective tape around a few times, for something to clobber the endless weirdos and ghetto trash I encounter every time I walk anywhere around my apartment.  It came in handy today because as we were walking, this guy with two mutts was also going by and his crazy dog got loose and charged over towards Freya looking to attack her.  I pulled her away twice with her leash, but as he lunged a third time I reared back and cracked that Maglight across the side of his muzzle.  It knocked him for a daze for a couple of seconds before the owner could come and grab his leash.  He apologized and actually thanked me for hitting his dog.  I guess maybe he was really thanking me for not calling the cops.  I hope he keeps that thing on a tighter grip because I see him all the time, and next time that happens as soon as the dog's in range I'm gonna swing for the moon and figure it's self-defense.

Incidentally I ran into the dog trainer guy at Petsmart yesterday and he gave me the number for another trainer who is apparently really good, but I think he needs to keep the dog for several weeks to train it.  I'm tired of waiting for a good training setup, so I'll probably just give Freya to him and let him do his magic.

I went to the Galleria yesterday to get another pair of googs. My superior vision was tapped out, so I had to pay out of pocket. but the girlie working there was decent enough to give me some sort of pro-rated charge since it'd only been a few months since I bought the originals. I got the exact same fruity frames and such, but I got scratch-resistant lenses this time. The last ones scratched up too quickly and it was like having cataracts. Of course, after I came back to the truck with my new googs, I found my extra pair hidden between the seat cushions.

Cougar, I got your pictures yesterday.  Thanks.  I sent my pictures to you yesterday too so you'll get them next week sometime.  Enjoy..

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