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talking talking everywhere, but not a word to say

I guess I made a  pretty stupid assumption awhile back, and My boss just came up to me at 5pm today and off-handedly clued me in to the truth... I have a seminar to give Friday.  oohhhhhh shit.  I don't know HOW it came to be that he never mentioned it to me and I never thought to ask.  I am seriously going to have to whip up a 30-40 minute presentation by Friday at 3, then present it at 3:30.  And I'd better see if I can borrow both the conference room and projector as well..   Goddamnit. Science work is not supposed to be under the gun-type crap like this.  Thankfully I have a (albeit not so large) pool of powerpoints I've presented which I can bastardize and Frankenstein up a .ppt..  I hope.

I hate giving seminars when my benchwork isn't going like I want it to.  It feels kind of deceitful for some reason.  But, this seminar isn't about what I've done (well, partly it is) as much as what I PLAN to do. 

On an unrelated note, I found out I'll be an invited speaker (i.e. giving a seminar) in next spring's NIEHS seminar series, so I'll have an 'invited' seminar line to add to my CV.  So, that'll be something, I suppose..
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