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I just helped some guy from my lab move a couch from the university warehouse to his apt.  If you want to own a truck, you should be aware of the little line on the window sticker that's written in invisible ink:  "You will become the default moving guy for anyone you know."

The guy gave me a bottle of Merlot wine though.  You don't usually get paid for heavy lifting and hauling as a truck owner, but paid, and paid in alcohol?  Wow, not bad.  I don't drink wine, but I'll probably save it until I visit someone who's a little fruity and then I'll have a fruity gift to give.

So I'm going to learn how to knife-fight this weekend, from the guy teaching my swordfighting class.  I learned how to fight unarmed against knives in my old karate classes, but hell, I always have a knife on me.  I might as well learn some armed knife-fighting techniques.

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