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I broke my cellphone.  It was a Treo 600, cost me like 600 or 700 bucks when I bought it a year and a half ago.  Goddamn thing wouldn't let me call anyone anywhere.  So, I smashed it on the pavement a couple of times until the screen went all wonky and looked like a tie-dye shirt with rocks embedded in it.  I missed going to eat lunch at a co-worker's house because of that phone.  Now I have to apologize tomorrow for having a shitty phone and being a jerk.  I'll show him the phone and tell him I was mugged or something, maybe that'll fly.

I wonder what the inside of a cellphone looks like...  I'll have to smash it on the ground a few more times and find out.

I still have 5 or six months on my Sprint plan, so I'll prolly just let it ride out and then get a plan with another carrier, maybe a better one.  And I'm not buying a phone for 6 months, so if anyone wants to talk to me on the phone (which is nobody, I think), too bad.  Leave me a voicemail, I'll check it once a week.  I'm strictly email for awhile I guess.  Unless anyone knows where I can get a free cellphone.

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