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assault and battery

I just paid 40 bucks for a goddamn jumpstart from a towtruck driver.  I was cleaning my truck out for maybe 10 or 20 minutes with the radio on and such, and suddenly the power went out.  I don't understand that crap at all, my battery was fine all up until now.  I rode my bike to O'Reilly's and bought a new battery, but then found out that some friggin crackhead had stolen my ratchet set out of the back of my truck, so I couldn't replace the battery.  So I guess I'll keep the extra batt for when I rig up an AC unit for the bed of my truck.  I'd like to relay it into my electrical system in series if possible, I wonder if I could do that..

I developed my film from AC, it's somewhere near 50-60  percent closeup face shots of me flashing the camera up everybody's eyelids to blind them.  And a couple of fursuits and water-head-baby doughy roly-polies glomping around looking for a place to store their semen for the night.  Boy do I look like a buzz-headed piece of soggy beefjerky, huh?
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