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year 5 is over

Five hundred dollars to buy a ticket over the phone 3 hours before the flight to get home today afternoon, so as not to let the hurricane block my scheduled flight tomorrow at 6 AM.  PHL security are, and have always been, hessian cocksuckers -- above and way  beyond what would straddle the boundary of 'understandably rude'.  Well, I guess I'll never see them again.  At least the IAH security are generally all smiles.  I'm home again.  $500 for peace of mind.  Motherfucker.  Peace of mind, alright..

Hat's off to Coug for dropping me off at the airport and leaving early when he didn't have to.  And being almost the only con attendee who doesn't mind getting fuzzy drunk THE ENTIRE GODDAMN FOUR-DAY WEEKEND with me.  I had kind of forgotten how many of those con people really don't like me one bit, which is surprising because of how completely unsurmountably awesome I am.

I tells you, I had a good time a great time, regardless of the bullshit about coming home, despite the bullshit about the elevators and the babygoths (or however we are to refer to those who are legally too young to be giving me erections but still insist on trying via eyeliner and glowsticks) and the "Where teh Yiff?" crowd.  I think AC would be best served by making the only path between events one single corridor 20 feet in front of the bar tables.  And eliminating the surprise buttsechs altogether from the equasion.

I guess I saw and said at least 4 words to:  cougar, sparks, nuriko, ami nomiko, jaguar (mirage), kellic, wez weasel, jessup colombia, arc coyote & melfox, camstone, basil, eewy and his girl, among other countless slobbering goobs whose names I did not remember.  I haven't seen AC programming in 3 or 4 years now..  I should really actually 'attend' one year as it were.  Shit, I spent a total of 45 seconds in the dealers room, I was so enthused about buying art.  

Jaded?  Cynical?  Veteran.           It gets better every year.

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