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I am in the process of cleanin my apartment, because my mother will be spending a night this weekend with me as she visits my Aunt and uncle up in League City.  I've been cleaning all week and still have a LONG way to go.  Jesus what a dump I've been living in.  I have taken some work habits home with me though, and bought some latex gloves that they sell at the grocery to wear when I take out the trash (of course I've got unlimited supply at work, but I don't like stealing from work).  I need to scrounge up all those bits of Freya's bed which she demolished and sweep up all of her hair off of everything.

On sunday when I was getting ready to go, my sister's rescued mutt Sadie was with us in the kitchen, and was growling and snapping at Freya when she'd get too close.  She'd been doing that for a while, but since she's probably less than half the size of Freya (almost 7 months old now), she's really no threat (in fact Freya basically ignores her).  But after a weekend of that I'd had enough and lunged at her to throttle the dog a little and put a little negative reinforcement to her.  but she started howling and screeching like a banshee and baring her teeth as I grabbed her, and Freya was watching closely.   Sadie snapped at me (and maybe bit me, I'm not sure), and when Freya saw that she went for her throat.  I had to pull her off of that mutt to keep her from probably ripping her up.  Freya was whining in excitement for awhile afterwards.  I was very proud of her for trying to attack that other dog, I was always a little worried that she didn't have any protection instincts, that I'd somehow gotten a weakling dog, but I know that's not true now.  Even if she never excels at Shutzhund or French Ring or whatnot, she'll be a good protector I think. 


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