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We sparred last night at my swordfighting class. It was supposed to be me and another student but she didn't show, so I sparred with the instructor. No padding except for a fencing mask and a cup, me with a padded sword and he with a wooden sword. Ouch. He hit me three times in the same place on my shin. I actually scored a few hits on him too, surprisingly. Boss, baby. When I was a kid my best friend and I used to make weapons out of old weightlifting equipment and baseball bats and nails and gasoline and beat each other in the backyard, and have "Beat It"-style bitchslap fights for fun. Apparently we're going to spar each class from now on, so I'll be sporting some bruises every week in perpetuity.

I'm gonna try to leave work early so I can drive to Baton Rouge early, and avoid driving during the nighttime. My sister has been making several 2D and 3D animations for commercials in BR so I'd like to see some of them if possible. And I want to go to the pistol range too and bust several caps in several paper asses.

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