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400 dpi blues

I'm finishing up my slides for my seminar on Wednesday, and when I showed my 'so-far' to my boss, he only had a few changes to 'suggest' (suggestion is a relative term with him).  I was surprised I came out of it with slides untouched.  I'm feeling that feeling again of scanning my Westerns on my home printer in a hurry to get something resembling a slide just before presenting it, and I feel a lot better about my seminar this year than last year.  I think I feel TOO good actually, and I'm getting a little worried about what elephants I'm not seeing in the room.  I'm gonna go down to the conference room and figure out how the presentation settings on my new laptop actually work and do a couple of run-throughs tomorrow if I can, to iron out anything I don't see in the comforts of my little sub-cubicle.

Also, the bulb to our inverted microscope broke today, so I'm bringing my digital multimeter to test the wiring and my 4-D Maglight to shine on the flasks so I can do some cell counting.  I hope that works, I gots to get transfecting..

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