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I was at BestBuy last night (it used to be the nearest electronics store to me before the Fry's opened up and I just go there out of habit now, because the Petsmart is close by) and I was walking past the DVD section, and I had an instant strong desire to buy another horror movie. This time, it was FRANKENHOOKER that popped into my mind, but after searching everywhere for it, I couldn't find it. I loved Frankenhooker, it's a great movie to play drinking games watching. But I did find a Bill Hicks standup DVD, so I bought that instead. I haven't decided completely if I'm gonna bring this laptop (labtop?) to AC or not, but if I do I'm gonna probably watch that DVD on the plane with my headphones on, because people HATE watching other people's movies without being able to hear it, ESPECIALLY if it's comedy.

and a bonus for me, the USB drive has built-in 448-bit blowfish (!!) encryption for my files. I like.

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