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I bought a 1.0 Gigabyte USB dongle to replace my old 128 Mb one.  I'm gonna take all the porn and such off of my HDD and keep it there, just in case I ever have to call a tech over or something.  Plus I've totally got a chub for USB things.  I've been practicing with my waster some in the yard (trying to avoid both the dog and her well-hidden turds) in preparation for some actual sparring that we'll be doing next week.  I'm looking forward to getting some linear bruises to photograph.  I was at work all day today finishing an experiment in hopes that the results will be good and I can pad my seminar Wednesday with some photos and whatnot.  But, I've got a black dog following me lately and I'm not optimistic.  I did get to speak to my Grandpa today, and it turns out that him seeing my German Shepherd Dog prompted him to go out and buy one for himself.  It was his old GSD that somewhat prompted me to get mine, actually.  He paid $400 for her, which for him was astronomical.  I hope he has good luck with her and I hope Freya gets to play with her soon.
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