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I went to Petsmart as I often do on the weekends, and saw the guy to does the training classes there.  I asked him if he does any protection training, because I'd rather he do it than some place I'm not acquainted with.  Turns out he does, and he gave me his cellphone number.  I'm eager to see something come of this, as Freya needs some continuing training.  I'm presenting at a journal club Monday night, so I should actually get to reading the paper, and scrounging for some supplementary stuff to hand out.  I can't print from my laptop at work, as the IT people won't authenticate it.  I'm trying to figure a way around it, something like adding in a wireless print server or something, I dunno what.  It's pretty annoying as I really want to use this thing instead of the desktop that IS authenticated.

I bought a couple of black knife fish ans some more dwarf frogs.  I'm gonna see if I can find a cheap piezoelectric earphone and find out if the knife fish make any electricity..

I bought a new set of good earbuds the other day, which are noise-cancelling.  Very slim and small, and have integrated microphones built into the earpieces themselves.  The seem to work okay (not like big headphones, I'm sure).  But they'll do on an airplane ride while I'm watching a DVD.


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