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Back from my trip.

I had a great time on the trip today (or friday). We dove twice on friday in vortex spring doing lost diver location and unconscious diver rescue, and watched over the openwater students doing their checkout. I talked my way into going on the night dive on friday out to some wreck. Bad two dives.. on the first dive, I lost a fin, and both weight pouches ($40 pouches, $80 set of fins ruined). Luckily, some of the advanced students found my pouches on the NIGHT dive. unbelieveable. Anyway, I unfortunately had to miss the Saturday dives, and I was Really Pissed. But we had a barbecue that night and we went out to the gocart track and drank some beer on the beach. Sunday, all the openwater, advanced, and us rescue students went on the big boat at 6:45am out to the bridgespan and black bart. We had two students pretend to have an AGE on us all of the sudden, so the rescues had to do cpr and administer O2, and then I had to slap on some fins and a mask&snorkel to tow and emergency breathe an unconscious diver back to the boat. Then I had to dive 6 and a half hours straight home. Loong day. But I'll be certified (I assume) in rescue and Nitrox now. I'm not very gregarious, but there's a few guys on the trip from the shop that I talked with, and I made a couple of friends.

Still haven't gotten the letter from the Dean of UTMB. Got another rejection letter. I hope that all the schools that I applied to (and sent an application fee to) at least have the decency to respond. It'll come. Be patient.

Not sure if there is anything I need to mention.. guess not. Still waiting to hear from the damned lawyers. And I REally need to get some work done in the backyard.
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