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I was getting out of my car earlier to go back inside after driving back from H-town, and all of a sudden I felt this big wing-flapping bug hit me on the back of my ear.  It felt huge so I flipped out like a little girl and started swatting my head like an autistic kid listening to boltthrower.  And then I guess I knocked it in front of me because I saw it land right on my car seat, a 2 inch long cockroach.  It started flipping out as well, running all up into my pedals and around the driver seat.  I tried to stomp it, but I guess I missed because it disappeared under my seat.  I was NOT happy with that outcome.  So I fetched the Bengal roach spray and basically fumigated the entire backseat and under the driver seat, and I guess it flushed the bastard out.  It jumped out of the truck and I chased it for 10 minutes spraying it and watching it die.  Then another roach came running up, and I gassed it too.

I had another one fly into my head yesterday while I was barbecuing outside.    I hate cockroach season.

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