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I maybe posted something sometime about the two couches I ordered from Pad in houston in March, which were supposed to take one month to arrive.  Obviously, it's been almost three and I'd been calling the little fruitcake who sells them and getting the runaround, telling me that the manufacturer in Denmark hasn't finished one and he'll call me RIGHT BACK, but never does.  So Luckily I paid for them on my AMEX, so I get to find out how good their famous customer service really is.  I called the store yesterday during lunch and gave them one more chance, and then called the card company and disputed the charge.  I'm interested to see how it gets resolved.  If I don't get my money back I'm going to drop a lawsuit on them.  I've always wanted to sue somebody, it sounds like a lot of fun.  Maybe I'll get my chance if the card company thing doesn't pan out..

I've been looking to find a martial arts joint in south H-town or lower on I-45, preferably shotokan but I found there are Krav Maga places in houston and League City.  I wonder if there are other good martial arts places in the area as well..

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