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My Dwarves CDs came in the mail today.  Awesome stuff.  I was listening to it on the way to that swordfighting class.  Their concert was great, barely anyone there, mostly kids for some reason.  Hope they do some shows again soon, they put on a good show.

I got one of the cards out of the pack I got from :( seen here, for my sister's boyfriend's graduation from LSU.  I'm just using one of my stash of old fakefunny picture cards that they sell at target with dopey inside captions for my mother for mother's day, except I'm going to print out a better caption and glue it over the inside.  The picture is two old women sitting on chairs outside dressed in sunday getup, circa 1965 maybe.  The caption reads, "I hope we are friends forever."  I'm thinking up some captions, such as,

"Hey Ethel, you got any hash?",

or "Guess what I've got in my purse, Hazel.  Guess.  C'mon, guess. Seriously!  Wanna know?  Hazel, Hazel...  A human hand."

or "So, anyway, where was I?  oh yeah.. so this bitch was all in my face saying 'what you got old lady? this is prison, bitch, I want your fuckin' lasagna I fuckin' TAKE your lasagna!'  So I shanked that wetback little skank in her eye with a ballpoint pen and took HER lasagna.  You shoulda seen the look on her f---  Oh hi Reverend Davidson, lovely day."

I dunno, anyone like any of these, maybe got a better Idea?

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