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Someone stole the pack of bottled water out of the back of my truck today or yesterday.  I guess I need to get a tonneau cover or a camper top to keep all of these pieces of shit from stealing in broad daylight.  I didn't want one of those on my truck, but it's either that or keep having stuff stolen I guess.  I saw this awesome Walther pellet gun at Academy the other day, it looks like something out of Splinter Cell, fucking rad.  I might buy it and go hide across the street and wait for someone to steal something out of my truck so I can shoot them.  A lot.  In the face.

I had another swordfighting class today, I guess it was educational.  Next time someone comes at me with a broadsword I'll parry the shit out of them.  And then shoot them.  A lot.  In the face.

I got a birthday card in the mail from my sister today, with a skunk on it.  I usually throw my mail in the trash but I guess it's a good thing I didn't.  I didn't know they made skunk birthday cards.  It wasn't scratch and sniff, unsurprisingly.

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