Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I set up my 8-port router (which my wi-fi 4-port replaced) up at work now, so I can split my WAN between my shitty work computer and my laptop. I'm going to try to shift everything over from the tower (a Dell Craptrolatron 2000 with some kind of surly poltergeist inside) to my speedier (but now obviously computer curse-infected) T42, which I get to take home with me and such. I was gonna get the new version of MS Office for $150 for 'student edition' which probably means 'special olympics edition', but I found my old Office XP Pro CDs which they were selling at work for $15 (!!!) some time ago, and installed them. They worked, no Microsoft homing beacon hijacked my WiFi antenna and called G-Men over to arrest me for installing my software on my computer more than once, I was surprised.

I was thinking about what kind of bag I'll have to replace my stolen one with, which will need to be done soon, as AC is less than 2 months away so they tell me. I had a snazzy red rolling duffel I got at Target, with more bells and whistles than a cop in a cathedral. I was thinking I could get one of those obnoxious "carryon" cuboidal things that are waaaaay too big to be carryon but get let onboard because the screeners obviously don't really care about sarcastically huge bags as much as they care about the terroristically pointiness of my nipple ring. but, I hate those people and I dunno if I wanna be one of them even if it does save me the hassle of checking and picking up bags at the conveyer belt. I try to pack less and less every year, and I'm getting better at it but I still have enough junk to bring that I at least need two bags: one small one with electronic crap and dirty magazines, and another with clothes and such that would teeter between checkable and carryable. But, what type to get? one of those previously-mentioned dork cubes? another rolling duffel? hard case? saddle bags? hard case? It's a dilemma to confound me for awhile. I like room to bring a weeks' worth of clothes, but ruggedness is a virtue I prize above beauty. I ponder still..

Also, I'm grading the final exams of the toxicology class I taught way back when. These kids have remained just about as retarded as I remember them being earlier. They really should check that classroom for paint fumes or something.

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