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My father, after he got sick, decided to make a video tape of himself talking about certain things (I don't know what they were exactly), addressing them to my mother, and then to me and my sister. Unfortunately, the video camera cut out after about 5 minutes of what would've been a couple hours of talking. It was, I think, an easy way for him to express things to his family before he forgot them, or before he (god forbid) died. We never got to hear the things he wanted to say to us, and we never will. I was touched that he tried, though. He had a lot to share with his young children, and a lot to tell his wife. After so many years, I have long since forgiven him of everything bad he did to me and my family and his friends. I hope I get the chance to tell my family and friends certain things before I lose the opportunity. Wasted opportunities are some of the most awful of life's flaws.
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