Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I snuck away from the conference today at around 11:45 to go scubadiving.  I got lagged in traffic, so I was afraid that they'd tell me I couldn't go, but the guys down at PRO-DIVE were really cool.  We set out at 1, and got back at 5.  We went down for two dives, first one was a 130-foot wreck dive (NITROX for me, just to cut down on the nitrogen buildup), and the second was an hour-long 30-foot reef dive.  It was great, if a little low-key for my tastes.  I got to see some new species of fish, which I guess live in the Atlantic and not the Gulf of Mexico (where I've dove pretty much exclusively up till now), including two cuttlefish I got to watch hang out around the brain coral and hunt for food.  I was really glad I took the afternoon off and got wet, it was awesome.  The guy I partnered up with was actually here for ARVO too, from Toulouse, France.  He blew some french chunks off the boat before the first dive;  maybe it was all that cheese.  If I ever go to ARVO again, I'm definitely going to be diving with this group again.  This city is actually pretty swank.  There are no less than FOUR lamborghini/ferrari/bentley/rolls royce dealerships on the highway near my hotel, and at least 3 harley dealerships (one of which I got a shirt at, as I kinda collect them).  Tomorrow I may be going to a Polynesian restaurant with this big fancy 2 hour tiki dancer performance show, I'm looking forward to that.  My presentation was yesterday and went okay, I got a few interested parties asking questions, nothing outrageous though.  I was hoping for a little more enthusiasm, but eh.  I got a couple pics of the poster, whatever.  I am friggin' BEAT, and still digesting half a belly of seawater.  I'm passing out.

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