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I'm finally about packed up and ready to go to the airport tomorrow morning for my flight to Ft. Lauderdale for the ARVO conference.  I have a garment back stuffed full of 'presentation clothes', another checked bag full of 'Summer conference in Ft. Lauderdale!!' clothes, my carry-on with various mags and books and such, and a laptop bag with my poster pieces and... my new laptop, which I ordered yesterday for overnight AM shipment, because a)my old laptop is a P150 which my last ex-girlfriend slammed on the ground and it's wonky, b)I need to replace the office computer which takes 20 seconds to switch from email to pdf files since after 11 service calls it is STILL BROKEN, c)I need to work on my proposal and write up exam questions for that tox class final I'm teaching, and d) what, seriously, am I expected to go a week without porn, livejournal, porn, email, porn, dvds, porn, and.. porn?

I'm gonna kennel Freya for all that time, though, and I'm not looking forward to it.  I'm gonna try to get this place in Houston instead of the vet here, as it will save me from driving 2 hours after getting off the plane just to pick up the dog before my sword class.   Her 'graduation' from her puppy class was tonight, and they took a  picture of her in this dopey mortarboard cap.  Maybe I'll post the pic later.  I'm moving on with training now and looking forward toward schutzhund and/or protection training, and I still have to keep socializing her as much as I can.  We'll see.

Does anyone know of anything interesting to do around Fort Lauderdale?  I don't know of anything great personally, and while I'm planning on seeing movies and eating out (now that I found my boss isn't coming), I'd like to do something else besides read and watch CNN.

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