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I went to the Y about a month ago (I am just now recalling this memory), and was driving downt the little alley beside the parking garage I park in. There's two of those little chest-high electric turn-stiles there, where you push the big button and receive the little stamped ticket and the buzz and the arm elevates and you drive on through. As I was pulling alongside the turn-stile, I reached out my left arm to push the button and as I was reaching, with my fingers slightly curved palmwise and my palm angled almost parallel to the pavement, I didn't feel my arm anymore, but I felf what I would perhaps feel if I had an animal's foreleg and paw, scaled to me. It was feeling my fingers as though they were the long claws that tip the paws of skunks. I even found it more comfortable to not bend my fingers as I pushed the button, as though I was only mashing it. Getting my ticket, and driving on, I then promptly forgot about it. And then, the next day, as I was getting my ticket again, I had the same feeling. I, here and now, find that very weird.
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