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Apr. 27th, 2005

I took my dog out to the breakers at a little before twighlight to let her watch people pass by and learn not to keep running at them.  Getting better, maybe.  Also, I took her over all of the breakers I could climb, they're about 3-6 foot across, maybe 1000-3000 pounds, I dunno, but all variegated and craggy.  I'm trying to get her to be able to jump and climb over weird terrain.  I didn't even spill my coke, but dog treats kept bouncing out of the nail bag I keep them in.  I found a seagull with a broken wing between some rocks and tried to goad my dog into playing with it, biting it and whatnot, since it couldn't fly away.  She seemed only mildly interested, maybe b/c the bird still had some fight in it and was biting anything that came close.  Eventually she lost interest, and I crushed the gull's head with my boot.  Didn't want to just leave it to starve or get picked alive by the crabs.

I got a quote finally from the powdercoater, 175 + shipping and such.  I need to put all the pieces in a box and send it out before I leave for Florida.  And pack, and clean, and do laundry and dishes, and cook my food before it goes bad, etc.