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Apr. 26th, 2005

Also I realized today that I am going to be stuck in a hotel room in Fort Lauderdale this weekend and next week for ARVO and won't have any access to the internet since I don't thing the room is classy enough for those TV internet things like the Adams Mark has.  My Treo gets all that mess, but it costs a fortune to use it.  My old laptop is probably waaay too old to use (it's a P150 from 1997).  I wonder if there's anything I could install on it to let me get on AOL or something like that.  Is there any way to get on AOL or maybe another route in terms of old versions of software, maybe stored on some dusty server on the net somewhere?  the laptop still works, but I'm sure the software is wayy to backdated to let me online..

Incidentally if anyone's in FLA next week and wants to go beach blanked bingo-ing or something, I'm gonna be bored after 5 every day..