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I got a letter today (actually I got it several days/weeks ago, in BR) from the Republican National Committtee, including a  party census document about several issues, mostly asking if I support the president's various  initiatives and policies.  And of course, asking for donations.  It looks very much like the stuff the NRA mails me every month or so, except without as much fiery rhetoric and without nearly as much republican promotion, strangely.  The odd thing is that I'm not a Republican (as far as I'm aware).  I registered as an independent when I turned 18, registered for the draft, and figured that was the end of that.  But it looks like I've been drafted after all, but by a different army.  Maybe they're just sending me this stuff in the HOPE that I'll register GOP, but the form letter at the top says, "Dear fellow Republican," and has a registration number and voting district code beneath it.  I wonder if there's an opt-out for this little Ponzi scheme, but there doesn't appear to be one on the website.  It reminds me of my trials and tribulations with BMG music service, who had to threaten me with a lawsuit when I was 17 to make me pay my bill, and then 2 years later begged me to join again as a 'preferred former member'. 

It's not that I don't like the GOP or lean republican, because I do on a several issues or debates or whatnot, but not on nearly all of them --  as much as I do get into debates (which is pretty much never).  But as much as my crazy step-grandfather bugs me about registering GOP I'd hate to have him find out someone did it for me.

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