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I went to the first "renaissance swordsmanship" class this evening and it turns out it's taught by some guy from ARMA, which means it's actually going to be some sort of a physical workout swinging wooden poles around and practicing beating the shit out of each other. There's only me and some other chick in this class, so I dunno.

The property and duty situation in my lab has been for shit ever since I've been there and probably much longer than that, but it's much worse since the 3 post-docs got here (especially the last one). I keep finding things left in the wrong place or missing, my reagents are getting taken and used up, noboby's replacing consumables or reordering important things, people are doing cell culture in the bacterial hood, it's goddamn crazy, and I'm apparently the only one who cares.

The lab manager just walks around and bitches at everyone (mostly me because I'm the only one who'll clean up anything), and the other scientist keeps hoards and secret stashes of pretty much everything so that she won't have to deal with the rest of the lab. It's at the point where I just find shit lying around and i throw it in the trash just so I can wait for someone to get angry about it and I can argue with them. I'm trolling eBay for my own set of pipettors and I'm keeping a stash or important things in my desk, and I'm considering getting one of those little shoebox refrigerators so I can hoard reagents in my desk too. How fucked up is that? It's worth the huge cost of a set of pipettors just to know I won't have to hunt every drawer for one, so I'll know for a fact it hasn't been dialed waaaay past it's range, so I'll know it hasn't been used in the bacterial hood or gotten nasty crap aerosolized up in the chamber. It's a screwed up situation and it's my weird anal-retentive nature (which only exists at work, my apartment is a dump strangely enough) that's kept the entropy from swallowing us up whole. I'll be very glad to move on to whatever job I can get after this gig, let me tell you.

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