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I bought a propane grill the day before yesterday.  It's all stainless, very swank.  I broke it in yesterday with some bratwurst and a T-bone.  Today it was the rest of the brats and some venison sausage and some asparagus.  I think I'm gonna have to think up a few recipes for grilling.  Maybe they'll involve Nazis, or my penis, or choking babies or something, maybe they won't.  Actually I was working on one tonight, but it ended up kind of tasting crappy so I won't post it.  I need some more meat to experiment on.

I called the roto-rooter guy today over to look at my messed up washing machine, and he took one look at it and told me to call the Maytag guy.  He said it was the solenoid and not the tubing.  Which means that I'm gonna try to find a Maytag solenoid somewhere, or just live with it. 

I rearranged my living room switching the TV and couch to opposite sides, which was not easy.  I need to make an ad for this thing to move it outta here for when my new couches eventually come, which is further and further past when that fruitcake at the store said they'd be in. 

I hooked my wire wheel up to my pneumatic die grinder and blasted the rust off of that bracket and then primed it with Krylon's rusty metal formula (POR15 is like 90 bucks a gallon so I passed on it).  But I bought the wrong topcoat, so I gotta switch it out if possible with some glossy junk, and then hope it'll fit back into the frame.

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