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Striptease, before the impending blackout

I finally stripped the unnecessary parts off of my bike (exhaust shields, sissy bar, coil cover, horn bracket, fender protector, and one of the rear foot pegs (the other one was designed to require either removing the rear half of the bike to get off, or to have reallly small hands)).  I'm gonna photograph them and pack them to ship to the powdercoater, and take it from there.  I'm shipping the bolts too so they can be coated on the heads.  The footpeg bracket is rusting and the paint is chipping loose, so I'll just wire wheel it off and put some rust convertor on it, as it's not worth paying to get it powdercoated.  I found that the gas gauge well on my tank is rusting and peeling too, I guess I'll need to do the same thing there..

I'm taking my dog to the beach now, while there's still time before the invasion.

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