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one screw loose, one bolt to spare

I spent all afternoon replacing the fuel gauge on my bike with a fancy shmancy LED one that hopefully will not be a pain in the ass to read.  The old analog one got some water in it somehow and I could not for the life of me get it back out.  The tech at the dealership told me 'oh yeah that's normal for gas gauges'.  Fuck, maybe on HDs it is.  But I kinda like to know how much gas there is in the tank.  Anyway I took the bike halfway apart trying to get to this little plastic harness, and finally had to unbolt the gastank to let it fall loose.  I accidentally grounded the battery a couple times and blew a big chunk of the terminal off and into my forehead, and at the end of the stinking ordeal after I put humpty dumpty back together  again, I looked down at the mess of tools and found...... a bolt.  I don't know where it goes, so I'll just save it for the eventuality of this thing needing an extra one someday.

The new gauge looks snazzy, blue to match my paint job.  I guess this or next week I'm gonna strip a few parts off and mail them to the powdercoater to see how much of a hassle he is.

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