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I finally picked up my bike today.  Jesus christ it was expensive.  It was, however, fixed and it ran like I forgot it could actually run.  I loaded it on my new trailer, and though it took forever to put the damn thing together, it was a snap to load and tie down.  The new adjustable trailer hitch I put on screws down to 7+ inches drop, so it's almost level.  I'll take a picture of it as an example.

I went to Northern tool and supply and got a few things, and got my car handwashed by some softball team kids.  My dog was inside and had a good time I think.  I mounted an aquarium thermometer on the window outside the truck that shows digitally what the temperature outside and inside the truck is, so if people see my dog in the sweltering sun they won't freak out.  Today it registered 119 outside and 64 inside.

I went to a cheesesteak franchise joint and got a cheesesteak since I hadn't eaten since lunchtime yesterday.  It wasn't very good, it looked and tasted like the cheesesteaks we used to get at the Adams Mark.  I still haven't had a good philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia, even though I've been there four times now.  Maybe this year..

And of course I had to go to work after getting in.  I'm gonna hook up my new argon/CO2 tank to my Miller tomorrow and light something up.

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