November 8th, 2010


FurFright 2010 (late because I'm lazy)

I really enjoyed FurFright this year.

I spent a great deal of time on my costume this year - that is to say, the costume which was worn by my costume. You might know of my "Boss Otter" fursuit, which I love and everyone seems to dig, but I went a step in the "War Dogs" theme of the convention to make Boss into "General Otter S. Patton" for the con. I ordered some WWII military uniform pieces, and originally tried to make it super-authentic..until I found out how much that stuff costs and how hard it is to get. So..I improvised a bit (a lot). He still looks pretty good, even if I took some creative license with him. I even had some WWII dog-tags made that say "Patton, Otter S", and hung one over my Boss Otter conbadge. I think I got a million pictures of him during the parade. Here's a couple :

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