April 1st, 2010


Les poissons puantes d'Avril

Why oh why is this year such a big deal for playing April fools pranks and jokes? I look at my daily blogroll and webcomic list and think of all the HTML and PHP coding time that was wasted on provoking their readers and I wonder what could've been done with that kind of motivation to actually, you know..make a better page. Especially in the fandom, everyone's got to top everyone else (well, everyone's trying to top everyone else normally, but I don't mean like that).

Is April 1st the new big nerd holiday now? What ever happened to Pi day or Ada Lovelace day or Towel day, or one of those equinoxes (equinoxen?), I used to hear a lot about those but not so much anymore. Also I saw a lot of 'confessions', at least a lot of which are true, being confesssed, as if that's something you do on April fool's day.