February 9th, 2010


nuclear winter

I am finally at work again -- first time since Friday afternoon. I went home late on Fri after everybody else evacuated and narrowly missed a pileup on 95. I parked my truck in the other parking lot b/c the regular one was filled up with people. Bad move on my part. Of course, snowpocalypse 2 was this weekend and piled about 3 feet of snow around me. Unfortunately the retard who runs the snowplow in my parking lot piled all of the snow against my truck, completely encasing it in packed-snow and ice. I went outside with a pickaxe handle and a scraper and couldn't do much of anything really. I was going bonkers stuck in my apartment.. I don't think I've ever spent more than about 18h in there at one time since I moved in three years ago, but I was in there until this morning. Luckily for me Cougar was very mobile and he came by to literally yank me out of the ice tomb with a towstrap, and I parked the hell away from the end of the lot so I could actually drive today. I broke both of my windshield wipers on ice sliding down from the roof, but the respeck knuckles I got all day with my Saints parka on make up for that I'm sure.

I played with the dog some this weekend, and she loves snow so she wanted to play frisbee quite a bit,even though she literally disappeared into the powder when she jumped after it. I got to wear my monster snake-proof boots and use my crampons, which are a lifesaver in this weather. I broke my huge ice-scraper, but I did score a new monster pair of headphones, which are much better than my old noise-suppressing ones and these have a mic in them so I can actually hear people talking if I want to (I don't want to).

I have very little to do since all my experiments and cells have died in my home-boundedness, but I'm glad to be back at work.
And it's supposed to storm again tonight.